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2020 Honda City Review | Better than the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos ? | CarWale


Honda has stirred up the competition in the C-segment with the introduction of the All New City 2020. This is the fifth-generation model of the sedan and comes with an all-new design, loads of new features and three-powertrain choices. Vikrant Singh has driven the petrol-automatic derivative, 2020 Honda City iVTEC in this video. How better is the new Honda City over the older model and should you consider it over the Hyundai Verna and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz? Watch the Honda City 2020 Review video to find out.

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20 Комментариев для “2020 Honda City Review | Better than the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos ? | CarWale”

  1. Subscribed ur channel….kindly clarify …For mainly city and occasionaly highway driving , which type of car is best….Sedan or MID Size SUV. Currently iam driving a hatchback and looking for upgrade. My 70-80% of run will be local city driving and occasionally on highways. iam mainly looking for comfort ,better control while driving and also better fuel economy. So which car to buy between Creta or City in petrol version.

  2. @Vikranth singh ..hi sir we are planning to buy a car…our preferred car is honda city but we can't afford latest all new city…so we choose city 4th generation vmt petrol varient is this right choice please give ur suggestion.. my husband is begginer in driving so I ask him to take compact suv like WRV but this is our first dream car is it good choice for begginer choosing sedan… Honda city 4th generation is good choice r not…TIA

    We are three in a family
    Need of car — not for regular use as well as official use its for purely home consumption, traveling to native around 200km… occasionally outing around 150km…

    Honda city 4th generation vmt petrol varient
    Honda wrv
    Skoda rapid ambition

  3. I will never buy honda car again because of this issue. Please guys do not buy honda car ,all the honda cars are facing this issue.Unresponsive Infotainment System (DigiPad)

    Honda wanted to integrate a smart infotainment system to keep up with the latest trend. However, this went terribly wrong as various users have reported screen freezing, glitching, lag, long load time and total unresponsiveness while operating the DigiPad.

  4. Great review and good background music but I could notice 119 BHP and 145 NM. It's 121 BHP and 145 NM for 5th gen as per the brochure I received in the showroom.

    Apart from that covered everything really well👍👍

  5. Sir, am little confused to go for creta sx or city zx.. becoz both are almost the same price.. am only concern in city is about it Ground clearance so could be suggest which one will be the better. Thanks

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