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2020 Kia Seltos | Kia small SUV test



Based on indicative pricing, the outstanding interior technologies, back seat and boot space closer to bigger and pricier competitors, a punchy engine option, local suspension tuning and funky design, the new Kia Seltos has all the makings of a class leader.

Needless to say, it feels like it will be worth the short wait, and about the only things holding it back based on what we experienced in Korea will be the unknown name and potential supply shortfalls. Indeed, it might even be tough to recommend a Sportage over this smaller sibling.


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34 Комментариев для “2020 Kia Seltos | Kia small SUV test”

  1. KIA Seltos rear Aircon vent blowing warm air when Aircon temperature is set at 25 degree celsius and outside environmental temperature is above 34 degree celsius, their service work shop claimed that is normal.
    During the visit on 26 Apr 2021, inspection was carried out on the vehicle’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System; the values such as Ambient Temperature Sensor, Evaporator Temperature Sensor, photo sensor, In-car air temperature sensor and other related values that maintain the operation of the climatic air-conditioning system. We did not find any abnormalities in the values and all sensors and actuators are functioning normally and a diagnostic scan with the manufacturer’s diagnostic scanner did not report any diagnostic trouble codes. These data was also inspected and compared to 2 other similar vehicles and the performance was found to be similar and thus the vehicle’s air-conditioning system was judged to be operating normally.
    That's radiculous and sily.

  2. Артём, к слову к игре в интернет казино необходимо тоже подходить с умом. Само собой, если вы катаете в вулкан делюкс там ни разу не выведете рубли, а например если придти к этому вопросу более глобально то можно понимать, что существуют такие как вулканы, придуманные мошенниками и не отвечающие ни за что, а имеются игорные заведения с лицензией, где подстройка автоматов исключена. Так что не думаю что правильно решать только по левым сайтам. Лист лицензионных казино можно посмотреть тут: https://casinreg.ru

  3. Went Subaru shopping with my mum today and she has gone home with a new Kia Seltos. Was love at first sight and a class above inside and out compared to the small-mid SUV range of both Subaru and Mazda

  4. It's coming to North America as well. I work for a Kia dealership and we're very anxious to get them. The infotainment screen is the same one in the Telluride, made only for the American market. The Telluride was just awarded the SUV of the year twice.

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