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2020 Kia Seltos review: Australian first drive | CarAdvice



It’s taken years, but with the #Seltos, #Kia finally has a small SUV on sale in Australia. Can it compete in a hard-fought market? Alborz Fallah finds out.


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23 Комментариев для “2020 Kia Seltos review: Australian first drive | CarAdvice”

  1. My parents have one seltos htx petrol which has L.E.D lights and electrical sunroof and it only cost 1,500,000 Nu.(Country Bhutan 🇧🇹 🇧🇹 🇧🇹 🇰🇷 🇰🇷 🇰🇷)
    Absolutely a great vehicle

  2. Great looking car, but it would be nice for you to do a report on the basic models and not the top model.
    That way you will get the general idea of the car, and how it runs like with the base motor and not the top line motor.

  3. Note📝 the Proton X50👍👍, a strong contender in the same (hot🔥) B-segment SUV category — vs the Seltos, CX-3, Captur, 2008, Juke, Kona, Kicks, T-Roc, T-Cross, Vitara, Venue, Puma, Toyota Raize & Daihatsu Rocky aka Feroza (Perodua Kembara in Malaysia).

    Geely's will be redesigned as Protons for the RHD markets in this region, and possibly in other countries later. The Proton X70 based on the Geely Boyue, has doing very well in Malaysia.




  4. Some will assume that Kia’s CVT implementations are worse than Nissans, while DCT worse than VW, while the torque converter is far better than BMW’s 8 speed ZF. WRONG.

    The 6 speed torque converter by Kia keeps gear huuuuuuunting on certain grades, while Neither CVT or DCT does that. Don’t comment based solely on previous products of other makes.

    I’m pretty sure some haters would buy one with a 4 speed auto, purely based on they don’t want a CVT/DCT.

  5. No hybrid option 🙁 will stick to Toyota better value and most of the range has a hybrid option that is only $1000 more than its petrol equivalent. I can see why the Rav4 hybrid has a 6 month waiting list as it's far better value!

  6. Bad video review (seems fake & like an ad), but a pretty good SUV and strong competitor in the segment. Wait a year at least though, and for a good deal . Perhaps a conventional auto and more IRS grade options would be added for the first facelift too, after all the feedback from customers & dealers globally 😄

    The key selling point for the Seltos in this very specific sub-segment it competes in, is the amount of inner space it offers, and the more classic SUV boxy design, to maximise that interior space. Vs a more sporty and slightly crossover design of the more premium Mazda CX-30 SUV, that is less roomy for the passengers, but actually not too bad for the boot. The Seltos is a direct competitor to the Jeep Compass and could even be seen as a budget Korean LR Evoque alternative. At 4330mm length, the upcoming 2020 right hand drive Proton X50 SUV (rebadged & localised Geely Binyue), is also a competitor in Malaysia, and the RHD markets that Geely would be sending the X50 to in the future.

    The Seltos is "also" the leader in its segment in India (being KIA's first car on sale in India), because it beats its rivals with the amount of kit it offers on the various grade trims. This would vary from market to market obviously, and personally I have no issues with KIA moving upmarket, if it's a value for money proposition, and the quality increases. Just like Mazda, they feel that it's going to be harder to compete with the increasing quality of China cars in the near future, especially on a budget level. We must think globally when it comes to cars "as well" — beyond our own local markets.

  7. Halogen lights and that crappy 2ltr engine on anything but the top spec model is ridiculous. I was expecting good things from Seltos but I think they really fucked up on the specs. Mid spec should come with the turbo charged engine and led lights too.

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