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2020 Kia Seltos Review | carsales


Can Kia’s first global compact Seltos SUV take on the class-leaders?

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11 Комментариев для “2020 Kia Seltos Review | carsales”

  1. Kia Seltos Ltd Turbo owner in NZ, very pleased with my purchase, the most comfortable seating position i have tried of many new cars, love the way the car drives, handles and all functions and features, i was almost going to buy a VRX Triton, So pleased i didn't now. Adaptive cruise control and other safety features work really well. I almost backed into the path of a car (had seen it) & the brakes applied, likewise when i drove towards our retaining wall to test the sensors/display, I was not expecting it to actually stop itself.

  2. After they showed this at the LA auto show ive been binging on reviews from India and Australia….and im sold…cant wait to get them here next year.
    (though it will be getting a much needed 2 inch lift right after it rolls off the dealer lot…lol)

  3. Shame on you Kia for fitting a CVT on the front wheel drive model's, why couldn't you stay with a proven normal automatic. Anyone who knows a thing or two about cars will never touch a car with a CVT. I know I won't be.

  4. Note📝 the Proton X50👍👍, a strong contender in the same (hot🔥) B-segment SUV category — vs the Seltos, CX-3, Captur, 2008, Juke, Kona, Kicks, T-Roc, T-Cross, Vitara, Venue, Puma, Toyota Raize & Daihatsu Rocky aka Feroza (Perodua Kembara in Malaysia).

    Geely's will be redesigned as Protons for the RHD markets in this region, and possibly in other countries later. The Proton X70 based on the Geely Boyue, has doing very well in Malaysia.




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