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2021 Kia Seltos S Review — A Neat & Nifty Little Subcompact SUV


Hey everyone! Thank you for tuning in for another car review video. Today I show you around the all-new 2021 Kia Seltos S. I enjoyed checking out this neat little car. Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you liked the video, please give me a like and consider subscribing! Take care, stay safe, and have a great day.

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15 Комментариев для “2021 Kia Seltos S Review — A Neat & Nifty Little Subcompact SUV”

  1. All of the 2021 Seltos S in my area (as well as the Kia site) show heated front seats and 4 wheel lock included in that trim, are you sure this isn't the LX? The Kia site also shows the most basic trim (LX) coming with the AWD lock. Any thoughts on road/tire/wind noise?

  2. The Canadian version of the SX turbo also includes heads up display, ventilated front seats, heated front and rear outboard seats, and heated steering wheel! Very well equipped for the price. Great review!

  3. Good info, much appreciated.

    Friendly suggestion: please consider using a dead cat to reduce the wind bursts in your mic, which distract from your otherwise clean presentation.


  4. I have been immersed in reviews for the past week, as I am in the market for a new car. Your reviews are head and shoulders above anyone else. Straightforward. no nonsense, and complete. Now I finally understand all the trim levels, which was so confusing. To top it all off, you're an amazing speaker!

  5. Just got one yesterday and love it. I have a question though if anyone can help. Mine is the base model I believe but came with remote start on a separate fob (detached from the Kia fob). Does anyone have this feature?

  6. Very nice review. I've had this car in the exact same trim in 'Mars Orange' since the end of February, and it satisfies all of my needs/wants. Actually had no intention of buying a new car when I brought my 2016 Soul in for an oil change. Saw this, which was an unknown model to me, while wandering around the showroom to waste time, and thought "crap, this is the car I really wanted when I bought the Soul." My only real complaint about the Soul was cargo space (couldn't fit my golf clubs or many grocery bags with the seats up), and the Setos looked like its cargo space was much more useable. Turns out, it is. It may not look like a huge amount of difference, but you can fit quite a bit more back there without having to mess with the seats. A couple of comments on some of your review:

    — Yeah, it is kind of strange that they don't have auto-up on the window, but I actually always thought that was a bit unsafe anyway. I always envisioned someone getting their head stuck in my Soul's window (though I imagine there are safety measures to prevent that).

    — The 'Lane Following Assist' that you demo'd isn't something I've used much, but on the rare occasions where I have to take my hands off the wheel for a moment, it has come in handy. Naturally I don't do it without keeping my eyes on the road.

    — The 'Lane Keep Assist' is a bit different, in that it will not keep you in the lane, but it will 'nudge' you over if you start to cross the line. I don't particularly like that, BUT, you can modify it so it only beeps rather than nudges, and I have that on all the time, as I find the warning useful if I tend to zone out for a moment. You can also turn it off completely of course.

    — The car also has Idle-Stop-Go (ISG), which is a deal breaker for some. That's the option that turns the engine off at stops (though there are times when it intentionally does not do this). You can also turn this option off, but you have to do it each time you start the car. it's a simple push of a very accessible button. I've found I actually like the ISG however, after thinking I wouldn't. Reasoning is, I actually get better fuel mileage driving around town than on the highway, and I'm guessing the ISG helps that. Highway I get just over 34mpg, and when driving mostly around town, I get 35-36mpg (this is another reason I opted for FWD over 4WD).

    — One negative I've found about the interior is that the black plastic 'v-shaped' piece that connects the horn-part of the steering wheel to the bottom part of the steering wheel will occasionally cause a blinding glare when the sun shines through the rear windshield at just the right (or wrong) angle. Hasn't happened enough for me to try to do anything about it, but it has happened.

    — As for acceleration, I've never felt unsafe in this car. I drive in 'normal' mode, and whenever I've needed to accelerate quickly, no problem. I've driven cars where it's literally felt like I could have started faster by pushing with my feet. This isn't one of them.

    — And one more thing I really like about this car — in the 10 months I've had it, I have yet to see another one on the road.

    Thanks again for a quality review.

  7. when i clicked this video i didnt know how many views it has and how many subscriber u got, i thought u would have atleast 300k subscriber they way u were explaining this car, keep doing such good job you'll get there one day

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