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2021 Kia Seltos: Test Drive Review


Host Sam Haymart tests the all-new Kia Seltos SX on the city streets of Phoenix to see what it’s really like to live with. Full review inside and out with real world driving impressions.

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26 Комментариев для “2021 Kia Seltos: Test Drive Review”

  1. India has 3 engine options. 1.4 litre turbo gasoline, 1.5 litre gasoline and 1.5 litre turbo diesel.
    Also the india version has 190 mm ground clearance.
    Ex showroom Price start at $13k US and go upto $20k

  2. Looking at owner forums, I don’t see anyone complaining about the mpg. Everyone cites well above estimated mpg across all trims and although no one says they operate solely in Sport mode, they do say when using Sport mode they don’t drop more than a couple mpg compared to Smart mode. Still remains above estimated MPG numbers.

  3. I haven't driven the Seltos SX Turbo but have driven the Soul GT Turbo. What is it with Hyundai/KIA and DCTs? Every review has the exact same complaint about them, yet, Hyundai/KIA seem wed to them. It's the reason I won't consider getting the turbo, and I really prefer turbos, but not if they have a DCT

  4. In my town I often see cars with start/stop inching forward at lights. I don’t know how they deal with it turning on and off 3-4 times every time they take their foot off the break to move a couple feet. Turn that mess off!

  5. Did you recommend getting the cvt non turbo over the dct and turbo!? I watch your reviews because i dont always agree w everything, but i commend your in depth real world method. Thanks

  6. I have had the 'S' trim in FWD since the end of February and love it. Doesn't have all the options of the one you tested, but has everything I care about. It solved the one issue I had with my Soul, which was lack of cargo space with all seats up. In this segment, I think the Suby Crosstrek is the only real competition when you consider interior roominess and cargo space. My wife has one of those, and it drives a bit more smoothly than the Kia, but I find the Kia a bit more comfy to sit in and it has a bit more interior and cargo room. There is only one negative I've noticed recently, and that is the hard plastic at the bottom of the steering wheel can cause some blinding glare if the sun is in the 'wrong' position. Easily remedied by moving your hand there or even putting some non-reflective material over it.

  7. I think if I was ready and seriously considering the Seltos, the sweet spot would be the EX model. Base engine, better fuel efficiency and maybe slighter smaller tires for a softer ride. The auto stop/start doesn't bother me now, I have one on my Escape SEL. I hope it helps the environment some with air quality if anything.

  8. Another well done and enjoyable review Sam. Your review of the Honda Ridgeline was a big influence in my eventual purchase of it. You were the first one to put it in my radar. Keep up the good work!!

  9. Ahhaha Yup, I have the 2021 SX turbo loaded and I hate the auto shutoff, forget every day to turn it off when I get in . I don't like the default steering assist on cruise control either (ex truck driver) But the rest I really love once you know how a dual clutch works.. dollar for dollar I think its a BEST buy.. I live on back roads of CT. and the suspension seems just fine for what I need.

  10. I’ll give you a 4th key takeaway … that switch on the left side of the steering column also operates something called “turn signals”. I couldn’t help but notice on two of your right hand corners you neglected to signal. Smarten up my boy!

  11. Welcome back Sam! Been a long time…Indeed….my 1.6 Turbo in my ol Fiesta ST used to drink the good stuff too…part of the charm(?) of a small turbo and low end torque. Overall like most Kias..its seems really nice, well valued and priced…but still lacking that final "it" factor..the refinement you get with a Honda/Toyota…hence your comments on the parking bump test. Keep them videos coming.

  12. We got 36.3 miles per gallon on a 200 mile road trip from Columbus, Ohio to Ravenswood West Virginia and back.
    We were ruining 59, 64,and 74 MPH. We have had the Kia Seltos SX since march.
    We were mostly running in normal mode on that trip.

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