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First Drive & Review in 2021 Kia Seltos AWD on Everyman Driver


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41 Комментариев для “First Drive & Review in 2021 Kia Seltos AWD on Everyman Driver”

  1. Needs ventilated seats, power seats, memory seats, power rear hatch, paddle shifters, a pan sunroof and finally 201 hp engine that's in the Soul. And just heard the dual clutch kind of sucks and it's not really that great offroad.

  2. Drove one ..
    2,0L is not under powered …very surprised… CVT is also surprisingly good… fuel eco is also impressive
    The ride choppy and even bouncy at times , its makes for a nervous ride …a ride you wont to get OUT OF after just a short ride.
    It does stay platter than most in the corners but that is likely why the ride quality suffers.
    It feels slightly ECO box , a hollow feeling , inexpensive budget box , not really impressed

  3. It would be great if your reviews always included an overview of the automatic engine start/stop system. Does this vehicle have it? Does it work well? Is it smooth? Is restart immediate or is there a pause? Is it easy to disable (hard button on dash or on-screen control)?
    Shoppers want to know because there is a lot of variation between manufacturers. Thanks

  4. Thanks for giving us another review Eric. I had to point out that when you an Oscar were talking, there was some wrong info said. The correct info is the Turbo comes with a DCT transmission not a cvt.
    The base 2.0 liter engine has an IVT (not cvt) IVT stands for intelligent variable timing.
    The 1.6 liter has a DCT
    Stands for dual clutch transmission

  5. Great review Dave! Looked like a great size for a commuter & just putzing around town. Im with another poster, you look great! We need some tips over here. Lol
    Best Regards from Detroit my friend👍

  6. You can always tell when a model's review embargo has been lifted, unless of course it's sheer coincidence that four reviewers just had to give their impressions of this vehicle within 10 minutes of each other.

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