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Kia Seltos Owner's Experience & Review | Seltos Positives & Negatives | TMG Review


In today video we are going to be speaking to the owner about his experience with his Kia Seltos. We cover a variety of topics with regards to driving, buying, servicing experience and may more. Watch the video till the ends to understand what to expect when buying and owning a Kia Seltos.

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Time Codes
0:00 Intro
1:06 Buying Experience (Shreenath Kia, Andheri West, Mumbai)
2:52 Service Experience
4:05 Service Experience — Driver Side Door Leakage Issues Resolved
4:57 Seltos Issues & Experience
5:13 Seltos Issues & Experience — Flat Battery Issue in two months
7:04 Seltos Issues & Experience — Animals Easily Enter Engine Bay
9:04 Seltos Issues & Experience — Cruise Control Set At Low RPM With High Revs
10:11 Seltos Issues & Experience — Manual Seat Height Automatically Reduces
11:02 Seltos Issues & Experience — Cheap Plastic Trim on Center Console
12:07 Owners Driving Experience
13.20 Mileage Experience
14:54 Why the Owner Chose Kia Seltos
15:59 Kia Seltos HTX — Less On Safety (no ESC, only 2 Airbags, no Hill Assist)
16:30 Kia Seltos HTX vs HTX+
17:38 Kia UVO APP Experience
19:15 Kia SOS & Emergency Service Experience
19:38 Kia Seltos 10.25″ infotainment system
20:36 Air Purifier Experience

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26 Комментариев для “Kia Seltos Owner's Experience & Review | Seltos Positives & Negatives | TMG Review”

  1. I have driven my diesel seltos more than 44,000 km now and never faced any kind of issue. Diesel engine of Seltos is such a gem and the most refined engine and gearbox seltos has. Suspension of Seltos is also sturdy built. I have hit potholes , puddles many times but till date no strange sound is there

  2. Great Vehicle with Horrible Service — KIA Seltos I am struggling to even get proper support from Bhawna Kia Turbhe. I bought this vehicle 4 months back that is it went for a second service and now pick died with mileage dropping (makes whining sound while accelerating ) plus the sound it makes is horrible, there is no response from the Service center, and neither do they care about servicing all they care about dry clean or some stupid coating. Trust me I was duped of 17 lakh rupees to pay for this stupid brand but their service is worst than ford. Not something that I recommend. It's not just this service center you take the car to any service center it would be the same problem I bet.

  3. Let him speak for god's sake. He's able to speak well for himself. You don't need to butt in and explain every little thing again to the viewers. An 11 minute video became a 22 min video because you keep repeating what he says.

  4. I think it is not a fair review it's negative review and you seems biased negative to Kia seltos, I have Htx 2020 MT for last 6 months and drove about 10 thousand kilometers but didn't face any Problem.
    All the above we choose and pressurised by any one so why we are proving ourself stupid

  5. Excellent review by an owner. This will ne extremely useful for prospective and present owners. Keep it up TMG!

    There is a small factual error in the presentation. There is a statement that Dual Clutch automatic gives lower mileage compared to CVT automatic. The correct fact is DCT gives same or better mileage than manual transmission.

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