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Kia Seltos | Review | Price | Features | Specifications | carandbike


Kia’s first product in India is the Seltos compact SUV and we finally get a chance to drive the car. The Seltos comes loaded with features and there are a lot of engine options to choose from too. We drive both the petrol and the diesel models as also the Techline and GTline trim.

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27 Комментариев для “Kia Seltos | Review | Price | Features | Specifications | carandbike”

  1. Why’s Kia Seltos in Australian market better than Indian one..?? Again you foreign companies think we Indian can’t have best of your products.. sad.. look at its interior in Australian market especially the metal garnish on AC vents and standalone infotainment system unlike ugly looking console in India which is attached with instruments cluster

  2. I would like to submit that how Kia motors has cheated Indian customers by not delivering the car with in 30 days as promised. Which was supposed to be delivered on 10th Nov. They delibrately delayed the delivery and passed month of November and December. On 2nd of January they offered the delivery on revised price which is 80000 higher than the original price. Kia launched in India on 22 Aug. And an overwhelming response received by the co., Which I believe they have not expected at the time when auto sector in India was in bad phase. Delivered few cars revised the rates and not given the cars to most of the buyers who have booked it. The co has just started in India and within 4 months cheated thousands of it's customers.

  3. Hi , One suggestion required, which petrol variant of Seltos is more value for money? HTK+ or HTX or GTK !! Is it worth spending on turbo petrol or normal petrol engine? Look forward to hearing from you.

  4. 19 mins of nonsense,why can't I guys stick to the essentials like carwow review does, always bla bla bla,…. Every Indian channels are irritating, and u didn't even show wats it's like in back seat,….

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